Friday, July 28, 2017

Chris Gilham

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Video Introduces The Quirky Agonizer

Ever wanted an Uruk that was completely unsure of himself when threatening to kill you in Middle Earth: Shadow of War? Kumail Nanjiani provides just that as The Agonizer, a crossbow wielding Uruk who wants to be bad-ass but isn’t sure of himself. Check out some of Nanjiani’s performance below which could range from cool to awkward depending on your sense of humour.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is a follow-up to Shadow of Mordor with Talion returning to control the armies of Mordor against Sauron. The Nemesis system has expanded to include the entire game world and you’ll be leading charges against Keeps to take control and strengthen your influence. Thankfully, Celebrimbor is still on your side and helps forge a new ring for this purpose.

Though originally scheduled to release this month, Middle Earth: Shadow of War will be out on October 10th for Xbox One, Xbox One X, PC, PS4 and PS4 Pro.


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